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Cars can be great. They’re something wild to look forward to while drudging through school, and represent a new freedom the moment your test is over — and they tell you you passed. But soon after, that freedom becomes a necessity, and performing tasks around town, going to college, or even going on a short trip with friends requires one.


Friends can be great, too. Every snowflake brings new experiences, thoughts, and motivations that can improve — or derail — your life. Life befriends mentors, mentees, and everyone in-between. And with each and every new friend comes some good and some bad. Humor, guilt, games, knowledge, cars, and — of course — experience.


Lying in the cold bed of a hospital with nothing to do but watch the droning of some news network from a small TV in the corner of the room, you begin to realize who your real friends are — hospitals are great for that. The sterile environment gives you plenty of time to think, letting — well, almost encouraging — you to play back whatever situation landed you in that bed in the first place — if you can remember it.


Every visitor brings flowers, and you’re never sure whether it’s out of guilt, pity, or just another mindless, typical gift. Flowers won’t make me better; I can’t even smell them from the other side of the room. Bring me some good friends instead.