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Dear Kaleb,

I hope this message reaches you safely. More importantly, I hope you are still in a state of mind to appreciate it. We haven’t heard much from your sector recently and don’t know if you have simply returned to hiding or if something has happened. Dear God, I hope it’s the former.

But even if it’s the former, we need you right now. We really, really, really, need you, Kaleb. You’re the only one who can reach the few remaining Aware—not only because of your distribution lists, your fame, or your technology, but because of your charisma and experience. You’ve been the face of our resistance since the beginning. You’ve reached out to us when we needed you most before. Now we need you to reach out to those who are left one last time.

We’ve set up an underground city, Kaleb. The security is tight—no one leaves or enters without a rigorous inspection, and we have real people doing the inspection. We’re rebuilding. Slowly, but rebuilding.
We believe that we will soon have the supplies and the know-how to begin fighting back against the Network. It’s been a long year with many twists and turns of lies and deception, but we’ve survived. We’ve pulled through and have successfully resisted FJIN’s pressure. For that, we are all eternally grateful for your words of courage. And now that we’re beginning to stabilize and have found others still Aware, it is time to fight back. Soon.

Honestly, I don’t know what rights we have or used to have anymore, but whatever they are, we can’t allow the government to rip them away any longer. What they have done to the Brainless is intolerable! So many people, so many lives, so many families—all destroyed by a brain-numbing “upgrade”—we can’t let this deed go unpunished.

If you are still out there, Kaleb, please help us. We have manpower, willpower, and firepower, but we don’t have a leader. The Council has discussed the matter extensively and we’ve all agreed on a leader: you.

I will be out of the underground city for one week, awaiting your response. If you are Aware and still care for the cause, please come find me at the Finsberg Cafe in the city your wife lived. I truly hope you find me.

Otherwise… all hope is lost.

Please help us,
Cyrus Smietana
Libero City Council