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Un hal’Henni
Nui savan hal’Sana ui victir
Hu nui burge’t
Lo’gands uf satli
Nui burge ui duint vicnt
Guart gyun cresd’t
Hg hictir lo’vun
Rint wu’foun
Ehn puint hg cuil
Lo’gands uf satli
Nui gavar hg victir
U’oin ha lo’etre
Hal’wunh wu’hal’Sana


At the Grand Tree
We once asked Her for peace
And we waited
Like fools of logic
We waited for the nations to cease
Pitiful, useless fighting
Our shamans like stone
Listening to the trees
Never reported our answer
Like fools of logic
We then realized our peace
Was inside of us all along
Praise to Her