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Combination 17³⁸⁵⁹ Marvin Teak is a descendant of Origin Cell 368t295, fertilized at epoch EUH-292a48i525 from Humanoid cell combinations 38⁸³542 and 55³⁵¹1, and cleaved 2⁷ epoch later. Unlike the prior trials with this combination, Marvin Teak showed promise: his parents — Mr. and Mrs. Teak, to him — were a new parental pairing, heralding a new approach to an existing trial.

There had been seven documented trials of combination 17³⁸⁵⁹ since Sapien Zero: four of them terminated before macrocytokinesis, two tested meager tier, and Jace Strawman — certified Negative in epoch EUH-292a46i195 and terminated 5600 epochs later.

For the first epochs of his life, Marvin Teak quickly raised red flags when he performed eerily similar to Jace Strawman in similar subtrials. During his time spent in the company of combination 85³⁵⁹² Eleanor Snyder, however, he avoided over two thousand decision tree cutoffs — and the warning flags began to slowly descend.

During epoch 292a, Origin Cell 268t295 tended to produce some of the highest-functioning humanoid cell combinations, primarily due to an infusion of cells dispersed into the atmosphere with the collision of Comet 295f931. Qualities on the planet at the time made for rapid diffusion, further spread by O268t295’s well-documented aggressive meiosis.

Marvin Teak reconfigured to a never-before-seen combination 58³⁸⁵⁹⁸ after a macroaccident that left parts of the human nervous system damaged. Exact diffs can be found in descendants of configuration 58³⁸³²⁹1 when active; the sheer size of the diff left little room for the host outside of the reserved space, and therefore combination 58³⁸³²⁹1’s average life expectancy is about forty kepochs — very much in futile tier.

Marvin Teak, on the other hand, was very much a winner: his cellular production remained high even into his old age, his organs worked hard, and many of his telomeres showed no signs of wear and tear with each passing epoch.

These harbingers of a better life went unnoticed to Marvin’s population, but mutations m129k37 through m129k119 entered the human life net in EUH-292a47d195 with combination 58³⁸⁶¹² Megan Teak, where she continues to show great promise for a better human future. Tina Teak, combination 5³¹²³ and mother of Megan, has not resulted in any significant variations.

Marvin Teak terminated as our first — and so far, last — combination 58³⁸⁵⁹⁸ in EUH-301a97d243 from ATP-based organ failure, likely caused by mutation mk129k50. As of EUH-301a97d298, an extended trial of combination 58³⁸⁵⁹⁸ minus mutation mk129k50 is being conducted as Ben Feinberg.