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Message received at 9:23 AM, Wednesday, February 15
Hey Tom, it’s Rod. I was just wondering where you were. You know you’re supposed to work today, right? Let me know if something is up. Thanks.

Message received at 9:54 AM, Wednesday, February 15
Mr. Baker, this is UPS. You have a package ready for pickup at the office on 32nd. Feel free to come down and pick it up whenever is convenient.

Message received at 11:04 AM, Wednesday, February 15

Message received at 1:13 PM, Wednesday, February 15
It’s your dad. How are you? I thought we were going to have dinner today. Did I get the day wrong? If you didn’t want to see me, you should have just said something. No reason to make me sit alone like that. Thanks, son.

Message received at 4:53 PM, Wednesday, February 15
Hey Tom, it’s Clark. Taking a sick day, huh? Be happy, I covered your shift. Your work’s still here, but I got Rod to calm down about the whole thing. Can you cover my shift next Friday night? You owe me one, man.

Message received at 5:06 PM, Wednesday, February 15
Mr. Baker, this is Ms. Johnson with the Lively Day Care. Sarah’s here waiting for you to pick her up. We’ll be here waiting for you, but remember we close at five.

Message received at 5:38 PM, Wednesday, February 15
How could you forget about our daughter? She was crying when I got there, and she was the only kid left. Where are you? If you can’t be more responsible, I’m going to ask the judge for complete custody. Call me when you get this, we need to talk.

Message received at 6:41 PM, Wednesday, February 15
For Christ’s sake, Tom, quit ignoring me! Sarah says you let her stay the night with a friend last night. I didn’t approve that. Call me, now.

Message received at 11:54 PM, Wednesday, February 15
This is an automated message from Movie Night. Our records show you currently have two movies overdue and are currently accruing charges. Please return these movies at the earliest possible to avoid further fees. Thank you.